Arbe Ara Berbeyan

The Artist:


Born in 1958 Yerevan,Armenia.
Growing up in Soviet Armenia, Arbe received recognition for his talent very early in life. The son of well-known artist, and Professor of Art & Design, Ara Berberyan had his first Exhibition at the age of twelve. His paintings were sent by the U.S.S.R. on an international Tour, called ” The world by Children’s Eyes.” This exhibition visited France, Italy, Canada, and the United States.

Of the 65 paintings Arbe showed between 1970 and 1972 only four returned to Armenia, the rest were sold and placed on permanent exhibition in State Buildings throughout the Soviet Union. 

After graduating from the University he was employed in an Architectural Office, “Gosproect”, where he was asked to design facades for public buildings and office complexes.

The Work:

“When I sketch, I do it loosely without intent or design. I sit and listen to music–Mozart, Verdi, Bach. I sketch on paper, not on the canvas, and then as it changes and takes shape, I will begin to work the canvas. Sometimes I like working on just one canvas, start to finish. It is a process, When I am all involved in it, time does not exist. Other times, my mood changes and so I move to another, and start a new painting. Later I can come back to it when the mood returns.”

Arbe’s originals are primarily oil on canvas, but he also incorporates a variety of other media into his work, creating a metallic texture in the abstract backgrounds of many of his paintings. Sometimes he applies gold leaf, and silver leaf, and then works it with his tools and his hands into intricate patterns and textures that give his art a third dimension. His pallet is full of earth tones, with an occasional flourish of vibrant reds, blues, purple or lavender, worked into delicate patterns representing the intricacies of life. The effect he achieves is a mixture of classical and modern. Some of his paintings reach back into his Armenian history and are influenced by legends and iconography. Taken together, Arbe’s greatly varied body of work is filled with romance and drama, music and love. It is soothing and compelling, exciting and peaceful all at the same time. Arbe is also well known for his interpretations of the origins of playing card pieces. His playing card series are widely popular in Game and home entertainment in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, New Orleans & Las Vegas.

Artist Education:

Arbe was invited to matriculate at the University of Art & Design in Yerevan, Armenia. He graduated with a masters Degree in 1981 and promptly began his career as a fine artist by accepting government commissions for murals at the Yerevan Airport, theaters, hotels and other government projects.

Current Offerings

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Artist: Arbe Ara Berberyan
Title: American Gothic
Medium:  Oil on Canvas
Size:  40″ x 60″ | Framed:  47″ x 67.5