Eric Perna will be making his big debut at the largest and most prominent art show in world, Art Basel at Miami Beach.
Between 5th and 8th of this December, an estimated 50,000 people from around the world will ascend on Art Basel.

Eric Perna likes to feel free to create his artwork. He usually hangs them out in his bar at The Beat Cup Café in Delray Beach or at Resta, his hair salon next door. Anyone who finds themselves in one of his stores will fall in love with his paintings. In fact, that is how he started to sell his artwork. Customers loved his paintings so much, that they started to buy his artwork off the walls of this café and salon. Now, this outsider is catching attention as a painter. He maybe the next big thing at Art Basel Miami, the most important art symposium in U.S.

Perna is quite the Sage. He is not only a painter; he is a musician, a hair stylist, he helps the community by volunteering, he likes to travel, and makes his own T-shirts. “I like to be plural, and I don’t want to grow up either.” Perna added.

Jeff Mustard, who entered Eric’s bar a few month ago, found himself fascinated by Perna’s artwork and decided to be the Brazilian artist’s new agent. Mustard has many plans for Eric Perna. His first assignment is to prepare Perna’s exhibition fort the Art Basel Miami. Perna’s works are already on exhibition at Artopia Gallery in Miami (1753 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33132). Eri’c talent has inspired Mustard, who plans to manage more artists under his new company, “I am a big fun of south American artists, especially Brazilians,” says Mustard. Jeff is betting on Eric’s trademark, the human representation, to be the big new thing at Art Basel 2013. “The faces he draws have life. It is incredible.” Mustard exclaims.

An inventory on Eric Perna’s art has shown that every painting is unique, which makes every painting very precious. Some artwork will be available during Art Basel between $2500 and $8000. “I don’t want to be too anxious about Art Basel. I just want to show my work and inspire people,” said a calm Perna.

The Brazilian artist likes to use wood in his work. “Sometimes I spend hours looking at a blank canvas waiting for something to come up. With wood is different. It has its own features I just fill up the blanks.” His most recent one-of-a-kind painting came from a scrap wood plank. He painted his daughter holding a red balloon. The eyes, which are the original knots in the wood, seems to captivate the viewer in a trance.

Eric Perna moved to USA when he was 17 years old. His father, a sculptor in Brasilia (Brazil), influenced his talent for art. Eric said, he like to do many thing at the same time. This is why he has a hair salon, a bar, plays in a music band called Hello Elevator, and he even spends time working as a volunteer teaching children and young adults how to make art. “Everybody has a talent, they just need a kick.” He believes. The kick he needed came from a friend, who gave him his first canvas.